book cover of O.D. Skelton: A Portrait of Canadian Ambition by Norman HillmerChancellor’s Professor, Norman Hillmer, was recently interviewed for a podcast that has been posted on The Champlain Society website. The podcast is available online and details on the interview can be found below.

Episode Details: “Witness to Yesterday: The Drama of Oscar Skelton”

O.D. Skelton was a key thinker in getting Canada out of the orbit of the British Empire after the First World War. Patrice Dutil speaks with Norman Hillmer, the editor of the 2013 volume of the Champlain Society: O.D. Skelton: The Work of the World, 1923-1941 (Volume LXXIV).

This podcast was produced by Hugh Bakhurst in the Allan Slaight Radio Institute at Ryerson University.