Daniel McNeil headshot in front of green tree branchesThe Carleton Newsroom has published a profile piece on Professor Daniel McNeil which includes details on his courses as well as his research and his approach to anti-racist education and community-building practices. Below is a short excerpt with the full article, “Celebrating Black History Month: Carleton’s Daniel McNeil Focuses on New Approaches to Anti-Racist Education”, by Ellen Tsapraillis available online.

Fifteen years ago, Carleton History Prof. Daniel McNeil learned some valuable lessons about Black History Month from his students in the United Kingdom.

“When I was a lecturer in Black and Minority Studies at the University of Hull and a research fellow at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation, I co-designed events and activities in museums and art galleries that asked students in secondary and post-secondary institutions what Black History Month meant to them,” explains McNeil.

“The stimulating essays, poems and artwork we received in response to this question continue to inform my understanding of Black History Month.

“I view it as one venue, amongst many others, to contest the suppression and erasure of historical consciousness, draw connections between social and political movements for Black liberation across the globe, and participate in ongoing struggles to imagine and build anti-racist futures.

“We do not have to be resigned to the world as it is.”