Anna Kozlova in front of Canadian EmbassyIn May, doctoral student Anna Kozlova visited Berlin to participate in the Young Atlantiks program, run by the Atlantik Brücke and Atlantik Brücke Canada, organizations committed to deepening relations between Germany and the US and Canada. Carleton is a member of Atlantik Brücke and represented by Dr. Teddy Samy, Director of NPSIA. Anna was one of the eight invited participants in the Young Atlantiks program, four from Canada and four from Germany. The invited representatives had to demonstrate leadership in their professional careers, a strong interest in the German-Canadian partnership, and in political, economic, and social issues more generally. The program was part of the German-Canadian Conference, an annual gathering of German and Canadian representatives from government, business, the media, and academia. The program included a reception at the residence of the Canadian Ambassador to Germany, Stéphane Dion, and offered numerous opportunities for in-depth discussions on current economic and political matters and on strengthening ties between Canada and Germany. Among the main topics for discussion this year were the War on Ukraine and its Implications for the Transatlantic Alliance and German-Canadian Cooperation in Innovation and Science.