Underhill Colloquium (Square)With spring comes flowers, milder weather and the start of academic conference season.

Fueled by a tremendous amount of volunteer labour, graduate student conferences in particular are invaluable spaces where early career scholars can learn about the latest ideas in their field and share their own work with peers from institutions across Canada and beyond.

Within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, March through May saw successful iterations of a number of virtual student-run graduate conferences, including the Carleton English Graduate Student Society Grad Conference, the Carleton Cog Sci Graduate Conference 2022, the 2nd Annual SICS Research Symposium, and the 2022 Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium.

Founded over twenty years ago, the Underhill is one of the oldest graduate history conferences in Canada and is made possible each year by the generous annual contribution of the Frank H. Underhill fund.

Read the full article by Alyssa Tremblay’s: “(Re)thinking Academic Conferences: How FASS graduate students are reimagining knowledge-sharing, scholarly networking and what it means to study history.”