Congratulations from the History Department

On behalf of all the members of the History Department, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all those students who completed their degrees with us in February and June 2023. We are so proud of what you have accomplished and we are excited for you as you embark on the next phase of your life. We wish you all the best in these new adventures and encourage you to stay in touch. As a Carleton alumni, your experiences and mentorship are invaluable for the students who follow in your footsteps. We look forward to hearing from you in the future!

Congratulations from your Instructors and Staff in the History Department

“Be proud of your tremendous accomplishment, graduates! Best of luck in your future endeavours!”
– Prof. Marc Saurette

“Congratulations to all of you History grads! Graduating is always an achievement, but doing so after the last few years is testament to your determination and seriously hard work.  All the best for your next steps.”
– Prof. Rod Phillips

“Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! Be proud of all your hard work and everything that you learned.”
– Prof. Sonya Lipsett-Rivera (Acting Chair)

“Dear graduates, I wish you all the best as you embark on your future endeavours, whether that may be further studies, work or anything else that you want to pursue. I hope that you take the time to celebrate your wonderful achievements. Congratulations!”
– Ms. Anna Kozlova

“Congratulations!  You rock.  Remember to dream big.”
– Prof. Audra Diptée

“Congratulations Class of 2023! There is an exciting  future ahead of you!”
– Prof. David Dean

“Congratulations! And the best of luck into the future. Use the resilience you’ve learned these last few years to not take crap from anyone!”
– Prof. Shawn Graham

“To each and every one of you warm congratulations on earning a degree in the leading realm of university education; may it be the springboard for a rewarding and successful professional life.”
– Prof. Jacob Kovalio

“Dear graduates, congratulations on your many accomplishments! Undergraduate studies can be filled with highs and lows and this has been all the more extreme as a result of the pandemic. You should be very proud of all that you have done. This is a special moment and I hope that you will take this opportunity to celebrate fully!”
– Prof. Laura Madokoro

“Congratulations, graduates! Take time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished.”
– Ms. Tyla Betke

“Congratulations, graduates, for all of your hard work and the incredible learning you have done at Carleton. May it stand you in good stead, and all the best for the future!”
– Dr. Sarah Keeshan

“Congratulations, History graduates! You have endured so much in the past few years to get where you are today. I hope you can take a moment to be truly proud of yourselves and this achievement. Well done!”

– Prof. Erica Fraser

“Congratulations everyone! You’ve worked so hard for this moment and I wish you all the best in the future.”
– Ms. Tanya Schwartz (Undergraduate Administrator)

“Congratulations to “my” February and June 2023 Master’s and MA Public History program graduates.  You should be very proud of your accomplishments in completing your degree, especially during the pandemic years.  Well done ladies and gentleman!!  I watched the Live Stream of the Convocation Ceremony Friday 16 June @ 9:00 a.m., and was so happy to see you receiving your degrees. It has been a pleasure knowing you and I wish you all the very best in your current and future endeavours.  Do drop us a  line from time to time to up-date us on your activities and news.”  

– Ms. Joan White (Graduate Administrator)

Keep in Touch

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