HIST 5803W: History of Women, Gender and Sexuality – Foundations
Winter 2024

Instructor: Professor Jennifer Evans

Course Description: We are living through a period of backlash where the gains made in feminist, queer, and trans rights are systematically being challenged across the globe. This course adopts a transnational lens to historicize current efforts to unmake gender equality and sexual rights and citizenship. Along the way, we will explore together the workings of moral panics in the past, drawing on the critical, intersectional feminist, queer, and trans theories that have helped us understand their composition and working. In this sense, this course will provide a foundation in how to recognize and combat the mobilization of gender and sexuality in the current struggle.

Structure: This course meets weekly in person. Students will share responsibility for facilitating the class discussion. Course assessment will revolve around a variety of smaller projects, including a digital component.

Texts: All our readings will be available via ARES.

Please feel free to reach out with questions at Jennifer_evans@carleton.ca