Connie Gunn

M.A. History Student

Degrees:B.A. (Trent)

Current Program (including year of entry)

M.A., History, 2013


John Walsh

Academic Interests

Women’s history, material culture

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

  • HIST1300: Introduction to Canadian History, Professor Matthew Bellamy, Sept 2014-present.
  • HIST3906: History of Ancient Persia, Professor Greg Fisher, Winter 2014.
  • HIST3109: The History of Alcohol, Professor Rod Phillips, Fall 2013.

Description of Research

My research into the Women’s Canadian Historical Society of Ottawa (WCHSO) examines the role of women in shaping Canadian history in the early twentieth century, a period when women were denied entry into the emerging profession of academic historians. Founded in 1898, the WCHSO opened Ottawa’s Bytown Museum in 1917 to house their growing collection of artefacts. My thesis makes innovative use of the objects in the museum collection, such as the “local pioneer artefacts” displayed in 1934, to understand the construction of public memories of settler colonialism and the gendered formation of national and imperial histories.