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Janice Cavell

Adjunct Research Professor

Degrees:BA, PhD (Carleton)

Janice Cavell’s research interests include Arctic sovereignty, the cultural history of Arctic exploration (with an emphasis on nineteenth-century print culture) and the role of women in polar exploration.



Reassessing the Rogue Tory: Canadian Foreign Relations in the Diefenbaker Era (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2018). Co-edited with Ryan Touhey. Contributions: Introduction and “The Spirit of ’56: The Suez Crisis, Anti-Americanism, and Diefenbaker’s 1957 and 1958 Election Victories”

Documents on Canadian External Relations: The Arctic, 1874–1949 (Ottawa: Global Affairs Canada, 2016)

Acts of Occupation: Canada and Arctic Sovereignty, 1918–25 (UBC Press, 2010). Co-authored with Jeff Noakes
Shortlisted for the Canadian Historical Association’s Political History Book Prize

Tracing the Connected Narrative: Arctic Exploration in British Print Culture, 1818–1860 (University of Toronto Press, 2008)


“Dividing the Northern World: The Arctic and the Alaska Purchase.” Diplomatic History, forthcoming

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Research Notes

“Further Evidence and Reflections on Joseph Elzéar Bernier’s 1907 and 1909 Sovereignty Claims.” Polar Record 49, 251 (October 2013): 406–408 (online publication, March 2012)

“‘As Far as 90 North’: Joseph Elzéar Bernier’s 1907 and 1909 Sovereignty Claims.” Polar

Record 46, 239 (October 2010): 372–373 (online publication, February 2010)

Selected Book Reviews

Review of Andrew Stuhl, Unfreezing the Arctic: Science, Colonialism, and the Transformation of Inuit Lands. American Historical Review 124, 3 (June 2019): 1056–1057

Review of Ken McGoogan, Dead Reckoning: The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage. Globe and Mail, 28 October 2017, R10

Review of Adriana Craciun, Writing Arctic Disaster: Authorship and Exploration. Journal of Historical Geography 57 (May 2017): 108–109

Review of Gordon W. Smith, A Historical and Legal Study of Sovereignty in the Canadian North: Terrestrial Sovereignty, 1870–1939. Polar Research 34, (online only; published September 2015)

Review of P. Whitney Lackenbauer, The Canadian Rangers: A Living History. Canadian Historical Review 95, 2 (June 2014): 297–299

Review of Marjolaine Saint-Pierre, Joseph-Elzéar Bernier: Champion of Canadian Arctic Sovereignty, 1852–1934. Polar Record 47, 240 (January 2011): 91–92 (online publication, February 2010)

Other Publications

“Arctic Atlantis.” Canada’s History 100, 1(February/March 2020): 20–27

“Sir John Franklin.” Dictionary of Canadian Biography (online only; published July 2019)

Honours and Awards

2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal