Photo of Meranda Gallupe-Paton

Meranda Gallupe-Paton

Candidate, M.A. Public History

Degrees:Honours B.A. in Communication (University of Ottawa)

Current Program: MA in Public History, Specialization in Digital Humanities (2020)


Prof. John C. Walsh

Academic Interests:

Canadian history, local Ottawa history, marginalized voices and alternative narratives, digital storytelling, sound, and sensory forms of heritage interpretation

Select Conference Contributions:

“Intersections: Digital Humanities and Historical Research” Roundtable Discussion, 27th Annual Underhill Graduate Colloquium, 2021 Carleton University

Teaching Experience:

Historian’s Craft (M. Hogue), Fall 2020

Popular Culture in the United States (J. Miller), Winter 2020

Description of Research:

From a young age, Meranda became captivated by stories from the past and their ability to transport us to other places and times to better understand the present. Her current research aims to showcase the vast and varied history of the Mechanicsville area in Ottawa, as the neighbourhood continues to experience intensification and gentrification. The historical trace of what once used to be a working class and labour intensive place, is quickly being washed away with this evolution. Her intervention in this process is to provide an interactive digital public history that will seek to amplify a remembered and experienced sense of place that is currently under threat.