Photo of William Tait

William Tait

Doctoral Candidate

Degrees:B.A. Hons (Saint Mary's), M.A. (Dalhousie)

Current Program

Ph.D. History and Political Economy (2011)


Dr. Dominique Marshall

Select Publications and Current Projects

Conference Presentations:

Transatlantic Studies Association – 14th Annual Conference, Roosevelt Study Center, Middelburg, Netherlands, July 2015, “When government fails to act: Canadian NGO relief during the Nigerian Civil War”

Canadian Historical Association Conference, University of Ottawa, Ontario, June 2015, Roundtable, “Public, Private, Political: Charitable Organizations and Citizen Engagement”

The Influence and Role of NGOs in Global Governance: From Grassroots to Global, Annual Graduate Student Conference, American Graduate School in Paris, France, April 2015 “Earning the Right to be Heard: Christian Evangelicals and Overseas Aid and Development, 1974-1986”

Canadian Historical Association Conference, Brock University, Saint Catherines, Ontario, May 2014, “Rebuilding a Mission: the Canadian United Church in South Korea 1946 – 1958”

The legacies of colonialism and development aid in the 1970s, 3rd Graduate Conference on Contemporary History, University of Trento, Italy, May 2013, “Oxfam in Canada, the Cold War and the Role of Religious Traditions, 1970-1980”

The Im Conference of Korean Christianity, University of California Los Angeles, April 2009 “From the Sidelines of Empire: Canada’s Protestant Mission to Korea 1898-1938”


“Bureaucracy Meets Theology: The Canadian United Church in Interwar Colonial Korea”, in Resilient Japan: Papers Presented at the 24th Annual Conference of the Japan Studies Association of Canada, Japan Studies Association of Canada, 2013, Amazon eBook: Japanese Studies Association of Canada, 2014

Various book reviews in the Canadian Journal of Development Studies, British Journal of Canadian Studies and the Canadian Journal of African Studies.

I am currently working on an article for Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees on the power and influence of NGO’s in the global refugee regime.

Teaching Experience

Contract Instructor:

  • CHST 3303/HUMR 3303, Children’s Rights (Carleton University, 2015)
  • HIST 2806, History of Japan (Carleton University, 2014-15)
  • HIST 3903, History of Canada on Film (Carleton University, 2014)
  • HIST 2303, Canadian Political History (2013-14)
  • HIST 3492.1/ASNT 3828.1, The Missionary Experience in East Asia (St. Mary’s University, Halifax, 2009)

Teaching Assistant

  • HIST 3907, The Illusion of Power: The Technology of Propaganda in History (Dr. Jan Fedorowicz, Carleton University, 2015)
  • HIST 1707, World History (Drs. S. Rivera and S. Klausen, Carleton University, 2012)
  • HIST 2806, History of Japan (Dr. J. Kovalio, Carleton University, 2011)

Description of Research

My main area of interest is transnational humanitarian history. My dissertation, Canadian Christian Missionary Influences on Secular Non-Governmental Agencies, 1945-1990 addresses the influences and connections between Canadian Faith Based Organizations and humanitarian NGOs in the context of the Cold War. The research intersects with refugees, forced migration and the role of NGOs in global regimes / global politics through specific examples in East Asia, East / West Africa and Latin America.