The Department of Law and Legal Studies would like to extend a huge congratulations to all of our graduates from the past two and a half years. Although some may have had to wait a little longer to have their moment to walk across the stage at convocation, we are so proud of their hard work in the face of uncertainty and look forward to seeing what they will accomplish next!

Here are six of our PhD graduates who have successfully defended their theses and got to celebrate their accomplishments at the convocation ceremonies back in June.

Class of 2020: Samantha Butler and Elise Wohlbold

Class of 2021: Robyn O’Laughlin and Marcus Sibley

Class of 2022: Tyler Totten and Lisa Wright

L-R: Professor Dale Spencer, Professor Dawn Moore, Robyn O’Laughlin, Marcus Sibley, Elise Wohlbold, Samantha Butler, Professor Vincent Kazmierski