The Department of Law and Legal Studies is pleased to share that faculty member Danika Littlechild has been named a co-principal investigator in a $24,000,000 federally funded biodiversity and Indigenous health project called Ărramăt: Strengthening Health and Well-Being through Indigenous-Led Conservation and Sustainable Relationships with Biodiversity.

The Ărramăt project aims to simultaneously inspire Indigenous Peoples to apply their knowledge and to engage Indigenous youth in the realm of biodiversity conservation and land governance. The application of Indigenous knowledge systems to real-world, community-specific problems should elevate Indigenous Peoples and their languages, legal traditions and ways of life. The project will examine the links between the loss of biodiversity and the decline in Indigenous health, and the team will develop policy roadmaps for practical solutions in 10 areas, including strengthening Indigenous food systems and re-establishing healthy relationships to wild species.

Professor Littlechild joined the LLS Department in early 2020 as an Assistant Professor, teaching in the area of environmental and social justice. She was a recipient of CUSA’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2021. Prior to joining Carleton, Professor Littlechild practiced law in Canada for nearly two decades and advised Indigenous Peoples across Canada and internationally.

More information can be found here.