NPSIA-PT&D is pleased to announce the 2-day pilot of The Practical Certificate in Serious Games for Policy Analysis and Capacity Building workshop. This workshop will examine the use of serious games both as a tool for building capacity within organizations and as a method for analyzing policy issues.

Registration: registration for this workshop is now open.  To register download the form here.

Dates: November 22 and 23, 2018
Location: Richcraft Hall, Carleton University
Time: 9 AM to 4 PM daily
Parking: available on campus
Fee: Early registration: $ 700 + HST until November 9, 2018.  $ 800.00 + HST thereafter.
NPSIA and NPSIA-PT&D Alumni along with members of the Ottawa Diplomatic Association: $ 650.00 + HST.

About the workshop:

Learning through serious games enhances forecasting, offers insight into stakeholder perspectives, helps to identify key determinants of policy success or failure, and contributes to the generation of new and innovative ideas. These techniques also help to develop or refine analytical skills and can facilitate the acquisition of issue-relevant knowledge.

Participants in the workshop will examine illustrative case studies, learn techniques and approaches, and review best practices in policy gaming.

What you will learn:

At the end of the workshop, participants will have acquired the following skills and knowledge:

  • Understanding of how serious games can be used for capacity-building (knowledge transfer, team-building, communications, procedures, coordination).
  • Understanding of how serious games can be used for policy analysis (including contingency planning, forecasting, stakeholder assessment, identification of key variables, policy innovation).
  • Familiarity and basic skills in seminar game design and facilitation.
  • Familiarity and basic skills in matrix game design and facilitation.
  • Familiarity with other gaming techniques.
  • Understanding of best practices in serious game design, facilitation, and follow-up.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for professionals who are considering using serious games within their organizations, whether for policy analysis or for training and education. The workshop contents are relevant to any complex public policy issue. Those in the private sector will also find the workshop of use for developing “business wargaming” skills.

Featured instructor: Dr. Rex Brynen

Dr. Rex Brynen is Professor of Political Science at McGill University and senior editor of the conflict simulation website PAXsims.  Rex has developed, facilitated, or taught about serious games for Global Affairs Canada, Defence Research and Development Canada, the UK Foreign Office, the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the US State Department, United Nations agencies, the World Bank, non-governmental organizations, universities, and others.