Chloe, Natasha, Nwara, Janna, Lin, and Eva in their graduation robes

(L-R) Chloë Grace Fogarty-Bourget, Natasha Artemeva, Nwara Abdulhamid, Janna Fox, Lin Chen, Eva Kartchava

  • Nwara Abdulhamid“What Is the Relationship Between Alignment and Washback? A Mixed-Methods Study of the Libyan EFL Context” (Supervisor: Dr. Janna Fox)
  • Lin Chen“Lexical Bundles in Vocabulary-based Discourse Units: A Corpus-based Study of First Year Core Engineering Textbooks” (Supervisor: Dr. David Wood)
  • Chlöe Grace Fogarty-Bourget“Facilitating student engagement in undergraduate mathematics lectures: A multimodal investigation”  (Supervisor: Dr. Natasha Artemeva)