Dr. Matthew Falconer (Adjunct Research Professor) published a new article in Written Communication‘s July 2024 edition titled “The Discursive Boundary Work of Recontextualizing Science for Policy: Opening the Black Box of an Organization’s Genre System and Intermediary Genre Sets.”

The open access article unpacks the hidden genred activities involved in a national academy of science, the Council of Canadian Academies, that transforms and re-purposes scientific knowledge for policy-makers in Canadian federal departments. The article features a distillation of Falconer’s 2019 ethnographic dissertation, “Providing Science Advice,” that connects recent collaborative research on knowledge exchange at the science-policy interface and identifies such activity as it is found in the Council of Canadian Academies.

“The article is meant for writing and professional communications scholars who are interested in genre, meta-genre, genre system, and theory-building relating to intermediary genre sets,” Matthew shares. “It’s also for anyone interested in science and policy discourse(s), and the types of writing that occurs behind closed doors amongst those involved in the boundary work of transforming science for policy.”