Don Myles was recently interviewed for a commentary on artificial intelligence (AI) written by Victor Vigas Alvarez, a Bachelor of Journalism student minoring in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies at Carleton University.

The situational ethics of AI confronts post-secondary institutions” explores the expansion of artificial intelligence tools and the ethical use of AI in academia.

“For journalists,” Vigas Alvarez shares, “the proliferation of artificial intelligence tools powered by capable large language models has, at best, given us ways to streamline work and eliminate busywork.”

“At worst, these technologies are an existential threat to our ability to learn and evaluate the quality of media.”

Myles recognizes the challenge in drawing the line between what is and what is not an ethical use of generative AI, drawing attention to the line between AI assisted and AI generated content.

The commentary is available in Capital Current, an online publication for the Journalism program at Carleton.