Welcome to Writing for the Web

Overall Intention / Learning Outcome

After taking this training, you will be able to create web pages that are clear and usable. This will help your visitors easily find the information they are looking for. And take the intended action or next step. In other words, your web pages will be purposeful and useful.

Ideal place to start

You have or work on a website and want to revise and restructure pages to make them better, more user friendly and accessible


Clarify – some combo of

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to:

  • communicate online with copy that meets both readers’ needs and communication objectives
  • write in the right voice and tone for your audience
  • recognize effective web content
  • make edits that improve copy
  • use tools and processes to make web writing easier

Students will be successful in this course if they can:

  • -express ideas clearly and concisely on the web (language)
  • -anticipate the needs of their visitor and understand how people read online
  • -organize and structure material on their web pages so that it is scannable and user-friendly
  • -lead people to the next course of action (another page, register, intent of page)
  • -make edits to existing content to improve it for web usability
  • -make it repeatable – process for adding new copy (checklist, tools)

Course Outline / Modules

Module 1: How we read online
Module 2: Create Purposeful Web Content
Module 3: Use your Words Wisely – Be Clear. Get Read.
Module 4: Structure Pages for Scannability
Module 5: Microcopy – Words to Guide your Visitors
Module 6: What next? Create systems to consistently write effective web pages
Module 7: Conclusion, Resources and Tools

Structure / How it works

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