1. Getting Started with Brightspace
  2. Troubleshooting Access to BBB
  3. Brightspace Supports and Resources
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Brightspace by D2L is Carleton’s digital learning environment. Whether you have extensive experience with the platform or are using Brightspace for the first time, there are a variety of resources to support you. The information below will connect you with resource materials and help you to navigate Brightspace support.

Getting Started with Brightspace

  • Start by activating your MyCarletonOne (MC1) account. Use your MC1 credentials to access your Brightspace account.
    • If you are a graduate student from the University of Ottawa in an Ottawa-Carleton Joint Institute program and require access to Brightspace, you must submit an application form to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs for each applicable term. More information is available here.
  • To log in to Brightspace, use a web browser to launch https://brightspace.carleton.ca. Log in with your MC1 credentials.
  • If the Brightspace interface is new to you, watch this 8.5-minute video tour. You’ll learn about the different navigation menus, how to customize notifications, and more!
  • Follow these tips to help support your learning and get the most out of your Brightspace learning experience.

Troubleshooting Access to BBB

If students encounter an error message when attempting to join a BBB session, the likely cause is that their web browser is blocking 3rd party cookies. Because Brightspace links externally to BBB, blocking 3rd party cookies will prevent your access to a BBB session.
To ensure BBB access:
  1. Turn off Incognito or Private mode. Privacy settings are great for preventing crosssite tracking, but they also stop you from getting into your webconferencing sessions. Most browsers block 3rd party cookies by default in these secret modes.
  2. Use the right browser for your device:
  • On a Laptop/desktop: use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • iPhone/iPad: use Safari
  • Android phone or tablet: use Chrome
  1. Enable 3rd party cookies in your browser. Follow these links for instructions:

Brightspace Supports and Resources

There are many ways places you can help with Brightspace. Here are the Brightspace supports available to Carleton students with details on the type of support provided.

Support Resource Details
Brightspace Student Support website On this website, students can find instructions and information for basic course tasks. The site is a great starting point for technical questions. There is information on:
Information Technology Services (ITS) at Carleton Contact ITS at Carleton if you are having problems logging in to Brightspace or general problems with your network account and/or Carleton email account.
Brightspace Service Desk, provided by D2L Need help understanding error messages, uploading assignments or posting to discussions? Get answers to your Brightspace questions anytime via email, chat and phone by accessing on-demand technical support from D2L, available 24/7/365.
Brightspace Student channel in Mediaspace Here you’ll find demonstrations on how to:

  • Complete a quiz
  • Submit assignments
  • Use the discussion tool
Brightspace YouTube Tutorials Browse D2L’s collection of how-to videos on their YouTube channel. There is a playlist dedicated to navigating the Brightspace environment as a learner. Note: the Brightspace interface may appear slightly different from the interface used at Carleton University.
Your instructor If you don’t understand where your course materials are located, connect with your instructor. Your instructor may offer a course tour or have a short video they can share that explains how their courses will run/be setup.


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