CFICE’s Community Environmental Sustainability Hub

Community Co-Lead
John Marris, Executive Director at the Trent Community Research Centre
Todd Barr, former Executive Director of the Trent Community Research Centre, (co-lead prior to 2016).

Academic Co-leads
Patricia Ballamingie, Associate Professor at Carleton University
Nadine Changfoot, Associate Professor at Trent University

Melissa Johnson, a CFICE research assistant, stands proudly over raised gardens in Abbey Gardens' greenhouse.

CFICE RA Melissa Johnson worked with Abbey Gardens in 2015.

The Community Environmental Sustainability (CES) hub funded community-driven community-campus demonstration projects.

The CES hub functioned at the local level in three key communities: Ottawa, Peterborough, and Haliburton. These projects focused on:

  • Increasing community environmental sustainability
  • Reducing individual and collective ecological footprints, (i.e., human impact on the environment)
  • Strengthening a community’s ability to deal with environmental changes

Text box with the following content: "Definition of RESILIENCE: Even through changes in the environment, a household is able to keep a certain level of well-being, and access to food."The CES hub worked from the position that community environmental sustainability needs local action at the city level because it:

  • Leads to a greater ability to withstand changes in the environment (i.e. resilience)
  • Reduces individual and collective ecological footprints (i.e. human impact on the environment)
  • Mitigates climate change locally

Over the course of Phase I, the hub collected a lot of lessons with respect to community-campus engagement in the environmental sustainability sector. You can read about their findings in this 2-page PDF backgrounder.

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