Danielle Carron

Candidate, M.A. History

Degrees:B.A. Hons. in History (University of Ottawa)

Current Program (including year of entry): M.A. in History (2020)


Dr. Jennifer Evans

Academic Interests:

Gender & Sexuality; 20th Century Germany; German Reunification; Nationalism; Visual Culture & Media; Sexual Health Rights & Activism.

Select Publications and Current Projects:

Populist Publics: Memory, Populism, and Misinformation in the Canadian Social Mediascape (Research Assistant).

“Children of the Enemy”: Narrative Constructions of Identity Following Wartime Rape and Transgenerational Trauma in Post-WWII Germany and Post-Conflict Bosnia (Research Assistant)

Select Conference Contributions:

“‘Beseitigt’: Abortion as a Response to Rape in post-war Germany.” Panel: Contested citizenship: Wartime rape, abortion and children born of rape in post-WWII Germany and post-conflict Bosnia. 26th International Conference of Europeanists (Madrid, Spain) June 2019.

Teaching Experience:

19th Century Germany (M. Lundrigan), Fall 2020

Description of Research:

My thesis project will examine the West German cultural mythologisation of East German women, focusing specifically on public and media discourses surrounding sexuality and promiscuity. Conceptions of the ‘liberated’ sexual norms of female residents of the DDR were produced and reproduced in BRD media and other public forums, circulating within the larger political and cultural contexts of German Reunification in 1990. In examining the origin of these myths and their impact on the experiences of East German women, I hope to contribute to the realm of scholarship on gender, sexuality, and national identity in 20th-century Germany, as well as enhance our understandings of contemporary inter-German cultural relations.