Thomas Sloss

Candidate, M.A. History

Degrees:B.A. (Carleton)

Current Program: MA History (2017)


Prof. Danielle Kinsey and Prof. Jennifer Evans

Academic Interests:

Colonialism, consumption, historical theory, historiography, deconstruction, narrative history, documentary history, photography and multimedia.

Select Publications and Current Projects:

Documentary short: A Long Walk: The Assassination of Thomas D’Arcy McGee

Teaching Experience:

City of Ottawa, MHPU, Cumberland Heritage Village Museum: 2014-2017

Description of Research:

Working in conjunction with Drs Danielle Kinsey and Jennifer Evans, I am integrating my multimedia skill set with my research capabilities to produce a historical documentary. Specifically, my research focuses on South Africa during two coinciding sociocultural phenomena: Apartheid and the sexual revolution. Using an archive housed in Johannesburg, I will be exploring the role of erotic photography in the discourse of sexuality on a transnational level. My goals are to uncover how and where these images moved and to contextualize the terms of their consumption. The documentary project will combine archival material, interviews, live videography, narration, and sound design as an interpretation of my findings.