Photo of Victoria Hawco

Victoria Hawco

Candidate, M.A. Public History

Degrees:B.HUMS, Minor in Greek and Roman Studies (Carleton University)

Current Program: MA in Public History, Specialization in Digital Humanities (2019)


Prof. Shawn Graham

Academic Interests:

Video games, macro historical perspectives, intellectual history, public history, classical history, classical and religious philosophy, ethical theories, Adam Smith, topic modelling

Selected Publications and Current Projects:

Complicated Canadians”, ECHOES Soundwalk

“Viewing Public History Through the Historian’s Macroscope: data mining the historiography of public history”, Current MA Project (Carleton University)

Select Conference Contributions:

The Impartial Player: Adam Smith’s Moral Theory as Displayed in Modern Video Games”, 4th Annual College of the Humanities Undergraduate Colloquium, 2019 Carleton University

“Complicated Canadians: Immersive Soundscapes and Public History Interpretation,” 26th Annual Underhill Graduate Colloquium, 2020 Carleton University

Teaching Experience:

Introduction to Archaeology (Professor M. Goodfellow), Fall 2019

Latin American History (Professor S. Lipsett-Rivera), Winter 2020

Animals in History (Professor J. Dean), Fall 2020

Description of Research:

My research interests concern macro views of history and the intellectual history of the public history field. My goal is to produce a macro reading of the public history corpus currently published on JSTOR using their JSTOR Data For Research service and topic modelling. From there, an analysis of the intellectual history of the field can be analyzed and produced in order to understand the current theories and methodologies of the public history field.