In compliance with Ontario’s Essential Services Order, Senate met remotely on Feb. 25, 2022. Here are the highlights:

Winter 2022 Graduation

Senate approved the graduation of over 1,300 Carleton students. This first graduation list of the class of 2022 included 983 undergraduate students and 355 graduate students. Congratulations to all graduates!

New Program Streams and Concentrations

Senate approved the introduction of a new concentration and stream in Business Analytics, a new stream in Entrepreneurship, the introduction of a new minor and stream in Business (Sustainability) and the introduction of the collaborative specialization in Digital Humanities to the MA in Religion and Public Life. These major modifications will be in effect starting Fall 2022.

SCCASP Regulation Changes

The Senate Committee on Curriculum, Admission and Studies Policy (SCCASP) brought three regulation changes for the 2022/23 Undergraduate Calendar to Senate for approval:

  1. Bachelor of Economics admission requirements
  2. ACE exceptions for Bachelor of Humanities
  3. ACE exceptions for Journalism and Humanities

Senate approved of the proposed regulation changes.

Senate Academic Governance Committee Updates

The following two motions were brought forward and approved by Senate:

  • A modified name for the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Student Awards.
  • New Terms of Reference for the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Student Awards.

Senator Spotlight: Julia Sinclair-Palm

Julia Sinclair-Palm is an Assistant Professor in Childhood and Youth Studies in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies and the co-leader of the Carleton Trans Advocacy Group (CTAG). She is also currently working on three Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded research projects. Their research interests include Queer and Trans Theory, Identity Development and Youth Activism. Learn more about Julia Sinclair-Palm.

Next Meeting of Senate

The next Senate meeting is March 25 at 2 pm. The full meeting schedule, associated meeting materials and minutes are available on the Senate website. Meeting minutes are posted once they are approved at the subsequent meeting.