Terms of Reference

  1. The Committee, on behalf of Senate, receives, considers and decides appeals from students, both undergraduate and graduate, with regard to cases of academic integrity.
  2. The Committee maintains its own operating procedures subject to the terms of the Academic Integrity Policy including the following constraints:
  3. The quorum consists of 2 faculty and 1 student members
  4. Whenever possible, the graduate student member will be present when an appeal from a graduate student is considered.
  5. The procedures for appeal hearings will follow protocols approved by Senate.
  6. There will be an annual report to Senate on the activities of the Committee. The Committee may include in its report recommendations for changes to the Academic Integrity Policy or operating protocols.


  1. Four faculty members
  2. One undergraduate student + one alternate
  3. Two graduate students
  4. Director, Office of Student Affairs (Secretary) (Non-voting)