The Senate Executive Committee’s duties are to:

  1. Arrange the agenda and plan the forthcoming business of Senate;
  2. Nominate the Clerk of Senate for appointment by the Senate;
  3. Approve new and revised scholarships and bursaries;
  4. To act, on behalf of Senate, in approving honorary degree recipients in special-case situations.
  5. Make decisions on such matters as the Senate may delegate to it;
  6. Approve the Academic Schedules;
  7. Recommend Special Appointments to Senate.

In addition, Senate annually, at the last regular meeting of the academic year, empowers the Executive to act for Senate on urgent items of regular business during the months of July and August. Notice of any meetings of the Executive held under this authority (except those called for the purposes of the Executive dealing with its own regular business) shall be given to all members of Senate who may attend and vote. Any actions under this authority are reported to Senate at its next meeting.


Senate Executive consists of

  • The President and Vice-Chancellor (as Chair) (ex officio);
  • The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) (ex officio);
  • Associate Vice-President (Academic) (ex officio) (non-voting)
  • The Clerk of Senate (ex officio);
  • Three members of faculty, elected from and by Senate; and
  • Two students (one undergraduate and one graduate), elected from and by Senate.

The term of a member of Senate Executive is coterminous with her or his term on Senate.