Terms of Reference

While responsible to Senate alone, to advise and make recommendations, as appropriate, to Senate, to the Librarian, to the President, and to other University bodies on the operation and development of the University Library (the term “University Library” refers to the MacOdrum Library and all branch libraries), and in particular to advise and make recommendations in the following areas:

  1. The University library budget;
  2. The development of the University library collection;
  3. The services offered;
  4. The operation and development of physical facilities;
  5. The relations of the University library to other libraries, particularly those in the Ottawa area;
  6. Other areas that it considers to be of immediate relevance to the University Library.


  1. One faculty member to serve as Chair
  2. Five other faculty members,
  3. Two students,
  4. The University Librarian or his/her representative,
  5. One professional librarian, and
  6. One other member of the library staff


The method of selection for the members of the committee should be in the usual form: nominations for the library contingent to be made to the Senate Executive by the University Librarian after consultation, including consultation with the University Library Committee or its successor (CUASA Collective Agreement, Article 11.1 (a) (i)).