1. Senate Membership 2023-2024
    1.  Ex Officio Members
    2. Board of Governors Representatives
    3. Special Appointments
    4. Elected Faculty Senators
    5. Elected Contract Instructors
    6. Elected Student Senators*

Senate Membership 2023-2024

Senate comprises of over 80 members who represent the university including, faculty members, contract instructors, students, Board of Governors, special appointments and ex officio members.

 Ex Officio Members

  • Jerry Tomberlin, Interim President, Vice-Chancellor & Chair of Senate
  • Elinor Sloan, Clerk of Senate
  • Suzanne Blanchard, Vice-President (Students & Enrolment) & University Registrar
  • Rafik Goubran, Vice-President (Research & International)
  • L. Pauline Rankin, Provost & Vice-President (Academic)
  • Lorraine Dyke, Vice-President (Finance & Administration)
  • David Hornsby, Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President (Academic)
  • Maria DeRosa, Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Larry Kostiuk, Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Design
  • Anne Bowker, Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • Patrice Smith, Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Brenda O’Neill, Dean, Faculty of Public Affairs
  • Howard Nemiroff, Interim Dean, Sprott School of Business
  • Amber Lannon, University Librarian
  • Wonjoon Chung, Director, School of Industrial Design
  • Michel Barbeau, Director, School of Computer Science
  • Anne Bordeleau, Director, Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism
  • Omair Shafiq, Interim Director, School of Information Technology
  • Allan Buri, CASG President, term ends at April, 2025.
  • Sarah El Fitori, CUSA President, term ends at April, 2025.
  • Jayesh Kundu, GSA President, term ends at April, 2025.
  • Mahsa Abarghouei, GSA VP Academic, term ends at April, 2025.

Board of Governors Representatives

  • Jane Taber
  • Brenda O’Connor
  • Howard Babb

Special Appointments

  • Margaret Haines, Alumni Representative
  • Kim Hellemans, COU Academic Colleague

Elected Faculty Senators

Terms end June 30, 2024

  • Bernadette Campbell, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Jonathan Malloy, Public Affairs
  • Paul Mkandawire, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Julie Murray, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Augustine Park, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Karen Taylor, Engineering and Design (Secretary of the Faculty Board)

Terms end June 30, 2025

  • Jeni Armstrong, Public Affairs
  • Hilary Becker, Sprott School of Business
  • François Brouard, Sprott School of Business (Secretary of the Faculty Board)
  • Sean Burges, Public Affairs
  • Amanda Clark, Public Affairs
  • Edward Cyr, Engineering and Design
  • Sarah Everts, Public Affairs
  • Root Gorelick, Science
  • Kevin Graham, Science
  • Tim Haats, Engineering and Design / Industrial Design
  • Douglas Howe, Science/Computer Science
  • Lynn Marshall, Engineering and Design
  • Lisa Moffitt, Engineering and Design / Architecture
  • Matthew Pearson, Public Affairs
  • Rebecca Renfroe, Sprott School of Business
  • Daniel Siddiqi, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Christopher Smelser, Engineering and Design
  • Christian Viau, Engineering and Design
  • Julia Wallace. Science (Secretary of the Faculty Board)
  • Pamela Wolff, Science

Terms end June 30, 2026

  • Manuel Baez, Engineering and Design / Architecture
  • Jean-Pierre Corriveau, Science / Computer Science
  • Shane Hawkins, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Beth MacLeod, Arts and Social Sciences (Secretary of the Faculty Board)
  • Laura Madokoro, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Jody Mason, Arts and Social Sciences
  • David Mendeloff, Public Affairs (Secretary of the Faculty Board)
  • David Sprague, Engineering and Design / Information Technology
  • Gabriel Wainer, Engineering and Design
  • Paul Williams, Arts & Social Sciences

Elected Contract Instructors

  • Morgan Rooney, Arts and Social Sciences (term ends June 30, 2026)
  • Kathleen Moss, Arts and Social Sciences (term ends June 30, 2024)

Elected Student Senators*

Graduate Students – Terms end June 30, 2024

  • Mehrnaz Taghavishavazi
  • Robert Nelson

Undergraduate Students – Terms end June 30, 2024

  • Benjamin Albright-Peakall, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Davin Caratao, Public Affairs
  • Yash Gandhi, Sprott School of Business
  • Nir Hagigi, Public Affairs
  • Mackenzie Huckvale, Science
  • Alexandria MacDonald, Engineering and Design
  • Aaron North, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Gabriella Pickton, Public Affairs
  • Shaun Seneviratne, Engineering and Design

* for details on the specific departments within the Faculties eligible to vote for these positions, please refer to the By-Law.