Terms of Reference

The Senate Academic Governance Committee is a standing committee of Senate constituted to advise the Senate with respect to practices and procedures for academic governance of the University.


To consider matters related to the academic governance of the University, and in particular:

  1. To review academic governance practices of the University to ensure that the principles of collegial governance as vested in Senate are followed at all levels of academic governance, and to make recommendations to Senate for change when appropriate.
  2. To advise Senate on matters of academic governance.
  3. To review periodically the academic governing documents of the university, Senate and the various Senate committees, including without limitation the Academic Governance of the University (AGU), committee terms of reference, mandates and procedures and relevant Senate policies, and make recommendations to Senate for development and/or change where appropriate.
  4. To recommend to Senate the number, size and terms of reference of standing committees of the Senate.
  5. To direct the nomination and election process for Senate committee membership.


  1. The Clerk of Senate, ex-officio
  2. Six faculty members broadly representative of the following five Faculties of the university: Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Faculty of Public Affairs, Faculty of Engineering & Design, Faculty of Science, Sprott School of Business, with at least 50% being current or past sitting Senators.
  3. One undergraduate student
  4. One graduate student

Quorum and Voting

Quorum and Voting is by simple majority.


The Committee reports to Senate.


These terms of reference will be reviewed every seven years.