Terms of Reference

The Senate Review Committee reviews and reports to Senate annually on the Operating Budget Report and the Enrolment Report.  In addition, the Senate Review Committee will respond to specific questions posed by Senate, based on the mandate of Senate.


The committee will review and report annually on the finances of the university and on student enrolment.  In addition, Senate may request that the committee prepare reviews of various aspects of support for teaching, learning and research. When possible, these reports should be coordinated with presentations to Senate from the administration on these topics.

The Committee will gather and synthesize information from a broad range of sources, both internal and external to the University. The Committee will systematically review and summarize the information for presentation to Senate and provide a report to Senate. The Committee may also provide any advice to Senate regarding the question(s) being considered. The committee’s reports will respect the constraints of confidentiality.


  • A Chair elected by Senate and chosen from the elected faculty membership of Senate
  • One faculty representative from each of the university’s six Faculties (including the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs)
  • Two undergraduate students
  • Two graduate students

Quorum and Voting

Quorum and voting are by simple majority.


The Committee reports to Senate.


These terms of reference will be reviewed every seven years or as needed.

Note: This Committee replaces the Senate Financial Review Committee.