The membership is five faculty members, one to serve as chair, and one graduate student. Members of the committee will be nominated by the Graduate Faculty Board and elected by Senate. Faculty members will normally serve three-year terms, renewable; student members will serve one-year terms, renewable.


The Senate Graduate Student Appeal Committee (GSAC) is authorized to make a final decision in all cases of appeals by graduate students against decisions of the Dean in respect of academic petitions based on misapplication of an academic regulation or the inappropriateness of the application of a regulation in the particular circumstances of the student.


  1. The Committee will determine its own quorum rules.
  2. The Committee will keep a record of all decisions rendered and make an annual report to Senate.
  3. The Committee may propose procedures for its own operations and, to the extent that these procedures impinge on the appeal process for students, must have these approved by the Graduate Faculty Board and Senate.
  4. During the preparation or revision of these procedures, the authority of the GSAC to determine the resolution of cases is not inhibited.