Terms of Reference

  1. To review and make policy recommendations on admission requirements to all undergraduate degree programs (including certificates) and program elements (for example, minors, concentration).
  2. To review and make policy recommendations at the undergraduate level on advanced standing and transfer of credit.
  3. To review and make policy recommendations on minimum undergraduate program requirements, including the minimum number of courses, residence requirements, and the minimum level of achievement expressed as a grade point average. Where appropriate, the committee will also recommend on the minimum requirements, as defined above, for various specifications including majors, combined majors, honours and combined honours programs.
  4. To review and make policy recommendations on general academic regulations that are either specific to undergraduate or graduate programs, or common to both, including but not limited to academic performance evaluation, the grading system, examination administration, and challenge for credit.
  5. To review and comment on all faculty, school, departmental and other regulations, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, which may affect university requirements and/or which may be of concern to more than one Faculty.
  6. To review and make recommendations on the organization and presentation of the material in the undergraduate and graduate calendars.
  7. To advise Senate on external academic developments at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as on the possible effects of these developments, and to make recommendations on desirable actions to be taken by the university.
  8. To review and make recommendations on policies and procedures at both the undergraduate and graduate levels under which students may appeal matters relating to their academic standing.
  9. To approve annually the undergraduate and graduate academic schedules within the Guidelines for Determining the Academic Year as set and amended from time to time by Senate (please see Appendix A).
  10. To review and approve undergraduate and graduate minor program modifications as these are defined by the Carleton University Institutional Quality Assurance Process and to submit these modifications to Senate for information.


  1. An elected faculty member of Senate or a faculty member eligible to be elected to Senate to serve as Chair
  2. Vice Provost and Associate Vice-President (Academic)
  3. Vice-President (Students and Enrolment)/University Registrar) (secretary)
  4. Clerk of Senate (ex officio)
  5. A member of the Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee (SUSC)
  6. Two faculty members nominated by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
  7. One undergraduate student and one alternate
  8. One graduate student and one alternate
  9. One faculty representative from each of the University’s five line Faculties


  • Director of Admissions Services
  • Associate University Registrar
  • Calendar Editor
  • Graduate Registrar
  • Manager, Office of the Vice-Provost
  • Representative from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP)