Terms of Reference

  • To consider and recommend to Senate:
    • the acceptance of proffered undergraduate scholarships, awards, loan funds and bursary funds;
    • guidelines for the acceptance and awarding of such scholarships, awards, loan funds and bursary funds;
    • policies for the awarding of entrance and in-course scholarships.
  • To initiate and recommend studies pertinent to the scholarship and bursary programs of the University.
  • Upon request, to review decisions relating to the administration of the scholarship and bursary programs.


  • Three faculty members (one to be chair),
  • Two students,
  • The Awards Officer as Secretary,
  • One member designated by the Vice-President (Finance and Administration), and
  • One member designated by the Chief Advancement Officer (University Advancement).


  • The student members are required to be scholarship recipients with, at the undergraduate level, preference given for holders of prestige scholarships.
  • One of the faculty members, where possible, is to be drawn from the Senate Committee on Curriculum, Admission and Studies Policy.


All members will be voting members; all deliberations, except any posing conflict of interest for one or more of the student members, will be open to all members.