Terms of Reference

Type of Committee: Standing Committee

Purpose: The Senate Committee on Undergraduate Student Awards reviews and approves proposed undergraduate awards for students. It considers and recommends to Senate guidelines and policies for establishing and awarding scholarships, bursaries and awards.


  • To review and approve proposed undergraduate scholarships, awards and bursary funds;
  • To consider and recommend guidelines for the establishing and awarding of such scholarships, awards and bursary funds;
  • To consider and recommend to Senate policies for the awarding of entrance and in-course scholarships.
  • To provide a summary report on committee activity on an annual basis for information, and to report regularly to Senate on new undergraduate awards and relevant information, as it arises.
  • To initiate and recommend studies pertinent to the scholarship and bursary programs of the University.
  • Upon request, to review decisions relating to the administration of the scholarship and bursary programs.


  • Three faculty members (one to be chair as chosen by the committee),
  • Two students, (preference given to scholarship recipients)
  • The Awards Officer as Secretary,
  • One member designated by the Vice-President (Finance and Administration), and
  • One member designated by the Chief Advancement Officer (University Advancement).


  • Office of Institutional Research and Planning, as needed

Quorum and Voting:

Quorum and voting is by simple majority.


The committee reports to Senate.


These terms of reference will be reviewed every seven years, or as needed.

Document Origin Date: 11 April 1980

Review/Revised: 30 March 2007; 25 February 2022