Senate has delegated its authority to make final decisions about student petitions and appeals in the areas of course grading, academic regulations, academic accommodations and breaches of academic integrity as follows:

  • For all matters concerning the assignment of grades for coursework – to the Deans;
  • For appeals regarding undergraduate academic regulations – to the Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee (SUSC);
  • For appeals regarding graduate academic regulations – to the Senate Graduate Students Appeal Committee (GSAC);
  • For appeals regarding academic accommodations – to the Senate Academic Accommodations Appeal Committee (SAAAC);
  • For appeals regarding decisions on breaches of the policy on academic integrity – to the Student Academic Integrity Appeal Committee (SAIAC);

Following a decision by one of the authorities listed above, students may request a Procedural Review of decisions made by these officers and committees. This review is initiated by a communication, in writing, to the Clerk of Senate.

Procedural Review is restricted to confirmation by the Clerk that (i) proper procedures have been followed as set out in the appropriate approved policy, (ii) that issues of bias have been properly addressed and (iii) that the decision reached is within the scope of the delegated authority and is consistent with previous practice. The Clerk will decide either that proper procedures have been followed or that the matter shall be referred to an appropriate committee. The Clerk will inform the Provost of each request for Procedural Review when such is received and will inform Senate Executive of the outcome.

Student non-academic conduct is the responsibility of the Board of Governors and is the subject of the Board policy “Student Rights and Responsibilities”. The Office of Student Affairs manages this policy.