Terms of Reference


The Senate Honorary Degree Committee is responsible for recommending to Senate suitable persons for the award of honorary degree from Carleton University.


  1. The Committee, in making nominations for honorary degrees, receives nominations and  considers their merit based on criteria as outlined in the Senate Honorary Degree Policy.
  2. In its recommendations to Senate the Committee will use its best efforts to provide a balanced representation between scholarly disciplines, service, and other fields of accomplishment.
  3. The Committee will normally bring recommendations for honorary degrees to the Senate twice in each academic year.
  4. The committee also is responsible for recommending to Senate any updates and changes to the Honorary Degree Policy.


  1. The President (ex officio)
  2. The Vice-President (Research and International) (Chair) (ex officio)
  3. The Clerk of Senate who serves as Secretary (ex officio)
  4. Five members of faculty (one from each of the following five Faculties of the university:  Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Faculty of Public Affairs, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Sprott School of Business) nominated by the Deans in consultation with the Faculties and elected by Senate.
  5. One retired faculty member nominated by the Carleton Retirees Association
  6. A representative of the Alumni Association nominated by the Alumni Association
  7. One undergraduate student member elected by Senate
  8. One graduate student elected by Senate
  9. Chief Communication Officer and Associate Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs) (Resource)

 Quorum and Voting

Quorum and voting will be by simple majority.


The Committee reports to Senate.


These terms of reference will be reviewed every seven years.

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