Photo of Michel Barbeau

Michel Barbeau

Director & Interim Institute for Data Science Director (DS & DSAAI)

Degrees:Ph.D. Computer Science Universite de Montreal (1991), M.Sc. Computer Science Universite de Montreal (1987), B.Sc. Computer Science Universite de Sherbrooke (1985)
Website:Michel Barbeau Homepage

Research Interests

Wireless Communications and Networking

Specific Research Interests

Wide area ad hoc networks, underwater communications and networks, quantum communications and networks, software defined radio.

Current Research

Dr. Barbeau’s research specializes in non classical wireless networks. His current research has involved developing an acoustic network for underwater communication to aid in water based surveillance in areas ranging from coastal navigation to environmental monitoring. Working alongside a team of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students, Dr. Barbeau is testing ways to use mechanical vibrations to send encoded messages between underwater nodes. His team has worked to find ways to deal with challenges like multipath propagation of underwater acoustic waves – when signals are received by more than one path – influenced by reflection at sea surface and seabed, and refraction due to factors like water temperature, depth and surface waves, among other. His team tested their prototype in Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.


Dr. Barbeau received both his Master’s and Ph.D. from Universite de Montreal. He then returned to Universite de Sherbrooke, where he had completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science in 1985, to join the faculty as a professor. Teaching at Universite de Sherbrooke from 1991 to 1999, Dr. Barbeau spent his last academic year as a visiting researcher at the University of Aizu, Japan. He joined the School of Computer Science at Carleton University in 2000.