IMS is happy to announce that we have performed a series of technology upgrades in several classrooms. These changes have allowed us to me towards a digital infrastructure and widescreen format in the following classrooms:

Tory 208, 210, 238, 340, 342, 446, 447

Southam Hall 404, 416

Azrieli Pavilion 132

Minto Case 5050

Loeb Building C264

Instructors who have taught in these rooms before won’t likely notice any difference in how things like the touch panel interface or computer software function, but may notice a different look.

The upgrades include a black equipment cabinet that now has a Blu-Ray player and connection strip for laptop connections (formerly on the outside of the cabinet). Some rooms have been outfitted with a new teaching podium, and other rooms have modifications to the original podiums in place until IMS is able to upgrade them.

Also installed into the aforementioned classrooms is a large 21 ½ inch interactive desktop monitor that will allow you to annotate on your PowerPoint slides or notes using a stylus or simply just your finger.  For those that were familiar with the SMART Sympodium monitors in SA404 and LAC264, they have been replaced with these new interactive touch monitors.

We would like to remind instructors that we no longer install VHS players as part of any classroom upgrades, as that technology has become obsolete and thus very difficult to source and purchase.  If you still require VHS use, you can contact us at 613-520-3815 and we can provide an external player for you.

IMS continues to work on classroom upgrades and invites you to stay tuned on the IMS website for more updates regarding upgraded classrooms.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a classroom orientation, please contact the CTS office at extension 3815 or at

Wishing you a great school year!