Teaching and Learning Services is developing new workshops and needs your help. Email oavptl@carleton.ca and let us know which topics or themes you’d be interested in exploring so that we can better understand your needs. Your responses will help guide our future offerings.

Some examples of workshops might include:

  • The art of de-cluttering – Lesson tool in cuLearn: Discuss how to guide student and group related documents, questions, videos etc. in one place, while de-cluttering the course page.
  • Openness in education: Explore how Open Educational Resources (OERs) and open courseware can improve the level of access to information for all students.
  • To cheat, or not to cheat—That is not the question: Preventing plagiarism through design: Showcase how course design can be used to reduce opportunities for plagiarized writing assignments. As Hamlet (never) said, “The design’s the thing / From which student plagiarism oft does spring.”
  • Why talking in class isn’t such a bad thing: Discover how you can improve student learning by encouraging more interaction with new concepts and peers.
  • Learning inside out: Learn how to cultivate reflective thinking in your classroom to deepen student learning.