Construction is well underway in Tory 213 and Tory 431 to create Carleton’s first two active learning classrooms (ALCs). ALCs are spaces that have been purposely designed to support teaching and learning in an environment that engages students to participate actively in their learning.

These two classrooms rooms will be completed by mid-April 2016. If you are interested in scheduling your Fall 2016 and/or Winter 2017 courses in either of these spaces for the duration of the term, please send an email to

Both rooms will be available to experiment in throughout the summer and substantial support will be available for instructors interested in teaching in these spaces. This includes both technological and pedagogical support.

See below for more information regarding these two classrooms, including their capacities and technology.

Tory 213

Tory 213 will be a 42-seat classroom that features student collaboration tables and incorporates a rich technological infrastructure. This includes flat panel displays at the student collaboration tables, wireless connectivity for both students and instructors to display materials, and interactive display screens.

Tory 431

Tory 431 will hold 51 students and will include all mobile furniture. This classroom will also feature significant technology, but it will be less intensive as compared to Tory 213. It includes a number of flexible writable surfaces that are spread around the room.