image of a laptop and newspapers indicating newsAs a research assistant with the I-CUREUS program I conducted research on several topics including sex workers organizing politically in Latin America, medical tourism, and global care chains. I gathered journal articles from various databases and completed annotated bibliographies. In addition, I summarized the ideas and main arguments of the journal articles I used in the research project that finalized my I-CUREUS experience.

The above-mentioned topics relate to my course work allowing me to uncover social structures and understand how they affect individuals in society. The research findings I came across were fascinating because I was able to learn about how the same social issue can and does play out differently in different societies. Conducting has allowed me to improve my research skills to effectively find useful journal articles by entering appropriate key words in to the databases. This research project has also taught me to be more organized and manage my time to be effective in my overall research projects.

There are several problems the research tried to tackle. First, my research on Sex Workers tried to answer why or why not sex workers in certain countries are able to organize politically. Second, my research project on Global Care Chains attempted to explain how, and in what social events or characteristics, was the term Global Care Chains framed and utilized within the Women and Gender Studies Field. Finally, my third research project on Medical Tourism Industry tried to understand how the relationships established between the patients and the Medical Tourism Industry impacted the ways in which consumers perceived the Medical Tourism Industry.

This I-CUREUS internship has given me a chance to improve my analytical skills by summarizing and critically analysing complex social issues. I would tell future students to take advantage of the I-CUREUS program. This unique opportunity not only allows you to connect with a professor, but also it gives you the opportunity to see if you are truly interested in pursuing a career in a particular research area. This program is also a great opportunity to be a part of research project that is introducing a new topic to a given field. It is definitely a great way to get your foot in the door, and gain new skills!

Safaa Moussa