Meaghan Shaw is an I-CUREUS participant in the Psychology program, assisting Professor Milyavskaya’s “The Differential Effects of Ego Depletion and Boredom on Task Performance” project. She says:

I am very thankful I got the opportunity with I-CUREUS this semester as it really allowed me to learn so many knew things about research that I had never known before. It also allowed me to gain very valuable skills that I can take with me to graduate school. I was able to work on my own research project (i.e., study design, ethics, recruit and run participants, analyses and prepare a final thesis on the research findings) and I was able to help my supervisor with other studies that she was working on in the lab (i.e., emailing participants, running participants in lab, coding data, monitoring online survey participation, crediting participants on SONA, working Qualtrics, etc.).