Alehandra Edwards

Criminology and Criminal Justice, concentration in Law
Professor Rebecca Bromwich

Reason For Participating

I am a huge research fanatic and I’ve always wanted to do research, I just did not believe it was possible until I heard of the undergraduate research program.


I have been doing research on apps used to facilitate custody issues like Skype, facetime, and our family wizard. I have been looking at cases both domestic and international were apps like these were used to resolve conflict or even facilitate custody access.

The research group I work in focuses on landmark cases where apps were used to resolve conflict.  I am involved in the process of uncovering the gaps within the legal system, technology and revealing how well the apps support human solutions to co-parenting issues.

My role in the research process is to determine the security and privacy of these online apps and whether they effectively provide access to justice for all the parties involved especially the children.

Relation to Studies

I concentrate in law, and I’m always dealing with case law. This research has equipped me with tremendous skills in finding hidden information. I have learned how to use research data bases to find information.

To Future Participants

If you love a challenge Go for it, this has been the most rewarding experience, I would do it a thousand times over. I got so many opportunities that I would not have gotten without the program. Participate in I-CUREUS because you just might fall in love with research, find your passion make amazing connections with professors and get to learn new skills.