Amanda McLeod

Interactive Multimedia and Design
Field of Research:
Human Computer Interactions
Audrey Girouard

Reason For Participating

I wanted to participate because I-CUREUS seemed like a good opportunity to get involved in a professors research that was similar to my learning interests (technology accessibility).


The goal of this research is to come up with solutions for accessibility issues and physical rehabilitation using technology and deformable sensors. The research group that I work with focuses on deformable materials and flexible displays. They are particularly interested in the area of accessibility and physical health rehabilitation.

Over the course of the Fall semester I have been working on creating and organizing a free outreach event/workshop for youth of ages 9-14. I help the team prepare for events as well as fix any problems that may arise with the prototypes. I attend conferences in order to demonstrate a few applications that we have created in the Creative Interactions Lab.

I am currently organizing a free outreach/workshop event in order to teach youth from ages 9-14 about programming.

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Relation to Studies

The lab in which I am working in has multiple masters and PHD students that have previously graduated from my program or similar ones. Lots of the course material learned (surrounding user centered design as well as prototyping) relates directly to the research that is being conducted. Not to mention, I have used a lot of my knowledge learned in programming in order to come up with lessons to teach to the youth during workshops.

I found myself using the in-lab knowledge relating to deformable sensors and applying it to multiple in class assignments. In addition, I got much better at soldering due to the in-lab improvements I had to make to some prototypes, thus I found myself doing a much better job at it for in-class assignments.

Value of Experience

I believe the most valuable skill that I have improved on thanks to the experience is being thorough. One thing that I noticed in all areas I was working in—whether it be coding, soldering, or organizing an event—is that they all require a great attention to detail.

I have gained hands on applications in an area of technology that I would like to pursue. In addition, I got to experience first-hand the environment of life after undergraduate studies thanks to my coworkers and I can definitely say that I too would like to pursue a master’s degree.

To Future Participants

I-CUREUS is a great opportunity to work alongside a professor that is willing to teach you. My advice for future participants is to take the initiative to do things around the workplace yourself. Don’t always look for guidance.