Mohamed Hozayen

Computer Systems Engineering
Field of Research:
Wireless Communications
Dr. Halim Yanikomeroglu, Ms. Rawan

Mohamed Hozayen Headshot

Reason For Participating

I wanted to get a jump start into my master thesis while finishing 4th year. I had a good experience and enjoyed research with I-CUREUS in the past two years. I also presented and published a paper at NCUR – isn’t that cool!


This research is trying to predict/measure user satisfaction/feedback in a non-intrusive real-time manner. One of the main enablers of cellular network personalization is the ability of the network to measure and track in real-time the user satisfaction in a non-intrusive manner. Tracking user satisfaction requires the utilization of machine learning and big data analytics to predict user satisfaction based on different inputs from various sensors such as cameras, microphones, accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc.

Wireless network personalization, an area of research that Yanikomeroglu’s group is currently working on, is indispensable to achieve the ultimate balance between user satisfaction and profit and hence, deliver mobile services profitably to users in a win-win setting. Rawan Alkurd, a Ph.D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Yanikomeroglu and Dr. Abualhaol, developed a big data-driven AI-based framework to enable personalization in 5G systems.

Mohamed’s Role

I am going to join the research group and work on developing a mobile application and a data model that can harness all sensors in mobile phones and wearable devices and correlate these measurements in machine learning algorithms to predict user satisfaction. The mobile application is a non-intrusive real-time system that automates the process of capturing user feedback.


  • I finished learning about the big picture of the research and about Ms. Alkurd’s journal (currently under review). I understood how important it is to get user satisfaction to move forward with the framework.
  • We discussed the overall plan for the I-Cureus internship. We came up with ordered steps of how we are going to tackle the issue of measuring user satisfaction.
  • We have been having a weekly meeting with my supervisor and biweekly report to discuss the progress of the project.
  • I learned an online machine learning course to learn both the intuition and the implementation.
  • We wrote a proposal statement and applied for OGS and NSERC scholarships

Relation to Studies

Course work has established the essential knowledge I require to move forward and understand my research thesis better. I learned and still learning about communication systems, machine learning, problem-solving as a skill, software engineering principles, operating systems, etc.

My research made me look beyond just studying for an exam. I enjoy studying nowadays as I can see the applications of what I am learning. Also, research made me care about learning the essence of things rather than just aiming for a good grade on the exam day.

Value of Experience

I would say the most valuable skill I haven gained is innovation and problem-solving. You solve a problem in the way you see it shall be solved with a slight supervision from your professor. Isn’t this amazing! Instead of being told what to do in a job, you decide what to do based on your vision to the problem. Of course, you may not get it right in the first time, but we only learn from hands-on experience and mistakes!

My previous experience in research plays a big role in my current research in terms of planning, time management, patience, confidence, and perseverance. I have gained confidence in managing and working on big projects that I would otherwise not have gained in a classroom setting.

To Future Participants

Participating in I-CUREUS gives you the chance of discovering and exploring your interests in research. This allows you to perhaps compare research and industry work in your own view and experience. Of course, to mention, it is the best part-time job you could ever have while studying. I can also share my experience in terms of time management and research tactics. Also, I would tell them to aim for NCUR as it was a spectacular experience!!