With the uncertainty around the fall 2021 and winter 2022 terms and the challenges that some international students may face attending on-campus courses, Carleton is offering instructors the option of a HyFlex teaching model beginning in September.

What is HyFlex?

The Hybrid-flexible (HyFlex) teaching model is intended to provide an option to instructors teaching small to medium class enrollments (no more than 60 students), whereby courses are delivered in person and online at the same time. Students choose how they will attend each class, either in person on campus or online via Zoom.

A HyFlex approach supports student-to-student and student-to-instructor interactions and participatory teaching approaches. The simultaneous offering of the course on campus and via Zoom is intended to provide students flexibility and allows instructors to teach students who may not be able to attend courses on campus.

HyFlex learning spaces

HyFlex learning spaces allow for simultaneous face-to-face and online instruction and learning. Carleton is updating several learning spaces to allow for HyFlex instruction. These spaces will not look much different than our current classrooms, however, they will have added cameras and additional monitors to bring online students into the classroom via Zoom.

Interested in trying out the new HyFlex technology? Email cts@carleton.ca to book a HyFlex room orientation.