Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) is offering another installment of the Course Design Fundamentals program this spring, May 31 – June 14. This program addresses your course’s foundational elements, such as the learning outcomes, the assessments, and the communication and engagement strategies, so that they are aligned and provide a well-rounded learning experience.  

With Carleton’s new Learning Management System (LMS) Brightspace now in place, you will have an opportunity to review your course design and organize materials before implementing them in the new system. While the program will give you some exposure to the new LMS as a student, please note that this series of workshops does not include hands-on Brightspace training. You can find Brightspace training opportunities and resources on the Brightspace Support website. 

While this self-paced program is designed to be a flexible series of workshops that you can take in any order, this spring offering gives you the chance to complete the program in a few short weeks. Once you complete the program requirements, you’ll receive a letter of completion for inclusion in your teaching dossier. To enrol in the program, please complete this form and register for the workshops here.