Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

Teaching, Belonging, Wellness: A Community of Practice

March 28, 2023 at 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Location:FLL 481 MacOdrum Library

Facilitator: Dr. Susan Hrach, Fulbright Canada Distinguished Research Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and author of Minding Bodies: how physical space, sensation, and movement affect learning (WVU Press, 2021)

Join Teaching and Learning Services and Dr. Susan Hrach, Fulbright Canada Distinguished Research Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, for a community of practice that will provide a new way to see teaching, belonging and wellness.

Our close reading and study of the open access book, What Teaching Looks Like: Higher Education through Photographs, will allow us to “think through and with photographs in new ways, offering insights and perspectives with the potential to change teaching, administrative, and support practices for the better” (Elon U CEL). What do these images reveal? How might our view of ourselves and our work be altered?

An introduction to principles of embodied cognition will offer participants new ways to consider the impact of physical spaces and mobility on human learning. Bringing this lens to our close reading of the book will allow participants to connect classroom practices (in person as well as virtual) to students’ experiences of belonging and wellness.

This Community of Practice will consist of eight meetings (about once every three weeks) in distinctive learning environments around Carleton’s campus.

Bring your lunch and join us for some inspiring discussion! Please register below.

Note: Participants will be invited to build on their insights by conducting valuable classroom research in the spring, and/or by contributing to the design and content of a multimedia embodied learning toolkit under the direction of Dr. Hrach.