Photo of Alan Steele

Alan Steele

Alan Steele is the Director of the Discovery Centre for Undergraduate Research and Engagement at Carleton University as well as a faculty member in the Department of Electronics.

In addition to undertaking a range of leadership roles on campus, Alan is also an award-winning educator. He received a Carleton University Teaching Achievement Award in 2007, a Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching Award in 2011, an OCUFA Teaching Award in 2011 and, most recently, he capped it all off with the prestigious 3M National Teaching Fellowship in 2017.

Whether he’s publishing about pedagogy, sharing ideas with other educators or engaging his students in the practical aspects of engineering, Alan demonstrates his passion and dedication to enhancing the teaching and learning experience at Carleton on a daily basis. It is easy to see how he has become one of Carleton’s greatest academics.