Photo of Cheryl Schramm

Cheryl Schramm

Cheryl Schramm teaches computer and systems engineering at Carleton University, with particular specialties in web and mobile programming as well as embedded or robotic computer systems. She is an awarded teacher, broadly known for her innovative teaching strategies, interest in interdisciplinary projects, and extra-curricular support of student learning through clubs and interuniversity competitions.

In her workplace, Cheryl is an active advocate and leader in engineering education research. She has been recognized for her innovative teaching strategies during her time at Carleton with a Teaching Achievement Award in 2011 and an Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award in 2014.

A proponent of the flipped classroom approach, Cheryl employs online technology, from YouTube videos to discussion posts, to enhance students’ learning. Her students are encouraged to learn theory through individual readings and bring their knowledge to interactive activities in the classroom.

She also helped fulfill the need for extracurricular opportunities for students, championing a robotics club, which was established in 2009.