Photo of Hal Goldman

Hal Goldman

History professor Hal Goldman won the 2013 Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching Award both for his exemplary teaching and for his work developing the next generation of educators.

Hal mentors teaching assistants and facilitators. These educators work with other students accepted to Carleton’s Enriched Support Program, which gives university hopefuls, who do not fit the traditional academic requirement, a chance at first-year university. Hal helped run the facilitator’s job application and training program, building in instructional skills at every level.

The 2013 fellowship marks the sixth educational award since the former U.S. civil litigator became a contract instructor at Carleton University in 2003. His hard work and talents have been recognized with the 2013 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching Award, the 2008 Carleton University Contract Instructor Teaching Award, and he was named one of the Charlatan’s top 14 professors at Carleton in 2007.