Photo of Jeffrey  Erochko

Jeffrey Erochko

Professor Jeffrey Erochko has been teaching structural engineering at Carleton University since 2013, with a research focus on earthquake engineering. In 2015, he won a New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, given to those who underscore Carleton’s commitment to teaching excellence and innovation. In 2022, he was named a Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching Award winner, which recognizes those who are dedicated to sustained excellence in teaching, scholarship of teaching and the continual development of teaching.

In his courses, Jeffrey has adapted the flipped classroom model by giving students his notes on the textbook to read before class. In this innovative approach, classroom time is then reserved for hands-on problems and activities.

When using this model, Jeffrey tries to show students how in-class time is still very valuable to their learning experience and so is student-teacher interaction. He constantly listens to student input to change and improve his teaching.

In addition to his teaching in class, Jeffrey dedicates much of his time to his research group where he leads and supports budding engineers and their research. He also educates students from a distance with his YouTube channel and wiki site, which cover concepts and examples for various engineering topics, particularly for structural analysis.